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The first quarter of 2020 saw more than 1.85 million applications available for download in the Apple App Store alone, according to Statista. The year is not yet over, but it has 642.8 million users of non-paying applications and 182.9 paid users for Android and Apple. This is mainly because consumers prefer to use the applications on mobile websites, says

This is the reason why each company, large or small, must have its own mobile application. Applications are a great marketing tool that any business today just can’t do without. If you want to create your own iPhone application design, Penji is there to help you. Our unlimited graphic design service offers you iPhone application designs and all the graphic designs you will need for your brand.

The positive points of creating your own iPhone application design

More and more people have taken up the challenge of creating their own applications. The abundance of resources to help them do so makes it easier for them. In addition, it has many proven advantages. Here are the positive points for which you may want to design your own iPhone application :


Creating your own iPhone application design requires you to do market research and a lot of planning. At each stage of the process, experts can help you, but at a high price. When you started your business, you have already searched your target audience and the market you are going to do business in. So when you design your own app, half the work is already done for you.

Total control

No one knows your brand better than you do. When you design your own application, you have full control over what you want to integrate. It will include all the features you plan to have, and perhaps add more.


Designing your application means that you are bound by your own deadlines. You will not waste time finding the right people to hire for your project. You can also do it at your own pace, you can go slowly or fast as you wish.

The basics of designing iPhone applications

To start your own iPhone application design, here are the basics of designing mobile applications that you need to know.

Open an App Store developer account

Getting your own Apple Store developer account is crucial, as this is where you will list and sell the design of your iPhone application. Apple’s developer program annual fees are $ 99, but it’s worth it. Your application joins the millions of downloadable people and has access to the site’s useful tools and resources.

Trace the design of your iPhone application

UX in the design of mobile applications means, which means that it is an essential element in the design of your application. According to, the UX / UI design plays an important role in achieving sales and business growth. Good user experience translates into customer satisfaction, which is equivalent to an increase in income.

Before you start designing your iPhone application, think about how the experience will be for end users. How many pages will you need ? Is your layout fluid to navigate? Is information readily available ?

Your research on the target audience will lead you to what the general appearance will be. It will determine the colors and other graphic elements you will need. It may sound attractive to you, but their preferences should be your first consideration.

Design your iPhone application

To make the design process fluid, create a sketch or thumbnails of the appearance of the design. In the world of UX / IU design, this is what they call creating a “”. This is similar to the plan when building a house or skeleton on a website.

This wireframe shows the interface elements that will appear on the application. When you create this basic design in advance, adding aesthetics will become easy.


The next step would be to do the coding. It can be the scary part if you don’t have the experience or the knowledge to do it. But as mentioned earlier, the Internet is a place where many resources and tools abound. You can learn to do it yourself or give coding to someone else.

Websites such as Skillshare or Treehouse are good examples of places to learn the basics of application coding. You will also need software such as Photoshop and a Mac computer, as an iPhone application must be developed on an iOs platform.

In this case, you will not have to learn to use Photoshop because Penji can do it for you. Our graphic designers know the ins and outs of the software, so you don’t have to teach yourself. Watch our demonstration video to learn more about our incredible graphic design services.

Design delivery to developers

You also have the option of entrusting your design to application developers if learning to encode is not suitable for you. Many websites help you find application developers who can help you with this. Upwork and Toptal are good examples, you can read them in this article.

Work with Penji

If you want to create your own iPhone application design, why not work with us at Penji ? Learning the basics of application design takes time to focus on what is essential in your business. Entrust us with the design so you can do more. This is the most cost-effective way to start your iPhone application design journey.

Penji’s unlimited graphic design

If you want to get this iPhone application design quickly and easily, Penji is your best choice. Our unlimited graphic design allows you to submit design requests for more than simple application designs. From the design of websites, logos and print advertisements to all of your marketing media, we have a designer for this.

You will not have to look for the best iPhone application designer because we have them in our team ! We did the verification so you don’t have to. Our graphic designers are part of the top 2% of the industry and have specialized skills to meet all of your design needs.

In addition, you will not have to pay the high prices of application design companies. With Penji, you can have it all for as little as $ 399 a month. Contracts will not bind you because you can cancel at any time you no longer need our services.

Penji’s unlimited revisions

To make sure you get only the best graphic design, Penji offers unlimited revisions. This comes with each plan from which you benefit at no additional cost ! We take your projects like ours, so we won’t stop until you get the design you’re happy with.

How to request an iPhone application design on Penji

We have made graphic design simple and direct for our customers. Here are the steps to create your own iPhone application design :


Penji offers three plans from which you can choose. Our Pro, Team and Agency packages cost $ 399, $ 499 and $ 899 per month. They all offer you graphic designs and unlimited revisions. When you get the Team or Agency plan, you can request personalized illustrations at no additional cost.

Register here today.


Connect to your Penji dashboard to request the design of your iPhone application. Click on the + button to start.

Give your project an appropriate title, then choose the category. From the drop-down menu, select Application Design under UX / IU. You can also type it on the space provided, and it will appear automatically. Click on the appropriate box under then click on .

You will then see the area in which you will enter the details of your project. Use the yellow box next to guide you on what to include in your description. You can also attach files or links to websites that you think can help the designer understand what you want. We also have a library of free rights images that you can use. When finished, click the button .

This is where you will be asked to select the type of file you want to create for your project. You can create a folder that will contain all of your brand’s identity elements, such as logo and font types. Once you have created your file, you just need to click on it for your next projects.

Click on .

Your project is now in the queue. Our system automatically assigns it to the team’s best iPhone application designer. You will receive notifications by e-mail on the progress of the project.

Examine and revise

Wait 24 to 48 hours for your first draft to arrive. Examine it and send revisions if desired. Just click on the design and direct the pointer to where you want the changes to be made. Leave a comment and click . See the review image example below.

Your designer will work on the revisions within 12 to 24 hours.


Once you are satisfied with the design of the iPhone application, you can now download it and deliver it to your application developer. The system stores your projects up to ninety days after the cancellation of your subscription. Otherwise, you can come back to them whenever you want.

Last thoughts

Nowadays, doing online business will not be complete without having your own application. However, asking someone to design it can be exhausting. Doing it yourself can also be a problem. This is the reason why Penji was born, to make graphic design easy and simple for business owners, marketing specialists and agencies.

Working with Penji gives you more time and energy to take care of your business. Think of us as your design assistant by registering for one of our flexible plans. Contact us today !

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