How to install applications on an iPhone without iTunes?

iPhone is designed so that you can use it without having a computer, so you have some options for installing applications on your iPhone without iTunes. You can install applications via a wireless connection using App Store from your device. If you intend to jailbreaker your iPhone, you can add an installation application to obtain third-party applications on the device. Finally, if you still want to use a computer but not iTunes directly, use an iTunes replacement application to perform the application facilities. Note that iTunes must be installed on the computer for iTunes replacement applications to work.

App Store

The easiest way to install applications on your iPhone without iTunes is to access the Apple App Store from the iPhone during a Wi-Fi connection. This type of installation is called over-the-air. Simply press the “App Store” icon in the iPhone home screen to start the application. Find the application to install, then press the application details page. Press the price icon, then complete the payment process to buy an application. Press the “Free” icon to download and install a free application. Type your Apple identifier when invited, and follow the instructions on the screen to install the application on your device.

Considerations on App Store

Note that the iPhone must be connected to a wireless network, and you must have a credit card number on the file to obtain App Store applications. Even if you just want to download and install a free app, you must have a credit card associated with your Apple account. In addition, you will be invited to enter your Apple identifier each time you buy an application or download a free application.

Installation applications

You can install applications on your iPhone without iTunes using an installation application, such as Install.App or Cydia. An installation application runs on your iPhone to allow you to install other third-party applications. Note that most, if not all, installation applications require you to fasten your iPhone for use. If not done correctly, jailbreak can brick your phone.

Third office applications

To install applications with a computer but not iTunes, you need a third-party office application. Appandora is an iTunes replacement that settles on your computer. Launch Appandora, then connect your iPhone to the device using the USB cable. Once connected, you can search the application library for a wide variety of applications for your device. Download the applications you want to install and click on the “Download Manager” tab. Click the “Install” button next to each application to install. You can also click on the “Applications” tab in the left sidebar and click on the check box for each application to install. Click the “Install” button to install all the selected applications in batches. The Appandora application is available for gillbroke and stock devices.

CopyTrans Manager is another iTunes replacement application that takes place on your computer. You can install third-party applications using the iOS IPA installation package for the application, which you can find on the developer’s site. Install CopyTrans Manager, then connect the iPhone to your computer with the USB cable. Click the “Add Tracks” button and navigate to and click the application. Click “Open” to add the application to add to CopyTrans Manager. Click the “Update” button to install the application on your iPhone.

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