How to recover an deleted application on iPhone / iPad

As iPhone fans, you must have downloaded many interesting apps to your device. You have to admit that great apps make life a lot more fun. But some of you may experience data loss, for example, applications have disappeared after the update, an application is deleted in error, and the application data is lost…

This article therefore explains how to recover an deleted application on iPhone after updating, restoration and false manipulation. We know that, today, there are more and more applications that play an important role in our daily life. In addition, certain applications are essential to improve the efficiency of our work or study. This is the reason why data in applications mean a lot to us.

  • 4. Recover an deleted application on iPhone via iCloud account

1. Find applications deleted iPhone in App Store

In the event of a missing iPhone application, the simplest solution is to reinstall it. For certain apps, the data are generally reserved automatically on the cloud, namely the server. You can always find the data by reinstalling an application. It’s nothing simpler. Follow the approach :

1. Open App Store on your iOS device. Then type the profile icon.

Type “Buy”> “Not on this iPhone”. Find the app that you deleted in error and want to reinstall. Touch the cloud icon after the app, and installation will start. Or you can search for the app purchased in App Store.

When you download the app you already bought, it won’t ask you to pay again. However, if this method does not help you, try the other techniques.

2. Restore applications deleted iPhone with iTunes

iTunes is a possible solution when you want to find your old applications or when you wonder how to recover your applications on a new iPhone. It’s free and easy. But it takes a while.

When you connect your iDevice to a computer, iTunes will synchronize with your apapareil. You can then go to the device section and click on “Restore backup”.

Another disadvantage of this method is that, the current data can be replaced by that of the backup, especially if the backup copy is not up to date.

3. Recover deleted iPhone applications without iTunes

In general, we think of iTunes which allows to restore the iPhone from a backup and then bring back the data including those of apps. However, this method does not allow selective recovery and the current data on the device will be deleted. Tenorshare UltData – iOS is then the recommended solution. This tool can recover all kinds of iPhone data without iTunes, including those of applications mistakenly deleted from the iPhone.

Step 1 Download the program. Then launch the program and connect your device to the computer using a USB cable

Step 2 Once your device is detected, click Analyze so that the program has access to your data.

Step 3 After the analysis, all your data including those deleted will be displayed.

You will see that there are three categories of interface gauge data, during which the third is “App data”. So check the apps in which you want to find data. Then click the “Recover” button.

4. Recover an deleted application on iPhone via iCloud account

Another way to recover deleted iPhone applications is to use your iCloud account. But it is mandatory to have your username and password. This method is similar to that iTunes. Follow the approach below.

What method to choose

As you can see, there are different possible solutions to restore iPhone applications, but everyone has their drawback.

If you find your iPhone applications with iTunes or iCloud, after choosing a backup, the restoration begins. At that time, on the home screen of your iPhone, you will see that the applications are loading or awaiting download.

However, by opting for the UltData – iOS solution (iPhone data recovery software), you will directly find the contents in the applications. You can download the software test version for free and check if it supports the application for which you want to restore data.

Tips :

From iOS 11, iPhone hides the integrated apps. If it is only the app icon that disappears, you can try to find hidden iPhone applications by resetting its home screen.

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